One of the things that septic pump workers need to consider for their safety is their shoes. Imagine you are working on a leaking pipeline where there is water, dirt, and unnecessary materials that will cause you to be put in an uncomfortable way? You will be thinking that “shoes matter.” Most septic pump workers work with plumbing products that are heavy and big which might slip and fall on their feet. Thus, best shoes suitable for the nature of their work and environment need to be given an importance.

Since we are talking about suitable boots for septic pump plumbers, three main qualities of these shoes can be summed up into durability, waterproof, and good shoe friction on the surface matter a lot.

Slippery and wet surface are unavoidable when you are working with septic pumps. Thus, shoes that are waterproof work best.

As a worker for these septic pumps, you would not want a pair of shoes that can just be used once or twice after a long day of engaging with this kind of work. You want to have a long-lasting pair that you can take with you and stay with you no matter how bad the repair that needs to be done. Durability, therefore, is what you need to look for when you buy a pair of shoes.

Lastly, since wet areas and spots are always with you when working, the shoes need to have a good friction towards the surface for you not to slip and be in danger.

Having said those things, there are wide range of working boots made available for these workers that are now commonly available in the market. Let us see some of those:

Wolverine Durashock Boots

These are slip resistant which have added rubber lugs and chisel edges and fully waterproof. They are also durable and the steel toe cap is safe from electric hazards.

Caterpillar Revolver Steel Toe Pull On Boots

Like what I have mentioned, septic pump workers are always in a wet and dirty situation. Thus, it makes a good sense to use this type of boots which repels water, keeping your feet dry and cool. Your feet’s comfort and safety says it all!

Timberland Pitboss ST

This kind of shoes is durable, lubricant resistant and a very nice support in arches. It has a triple leather layer to the heel for additional support. Though, this is not a recommended one when working in a hazardous place, nonetheless, it is a good option.

KEEN Utility Detroit ST

Guaranteed that it is 100% waterproof leather type boots, electrical hazard resistant, and the breathable membrane will keep your feet cool and dry. In addition to that, it has steel safety toe caps which provide support and comfort for you.

I have indicated these shoes from where you can shoes from plus their characteristics that might help you choose the best and suitable type of shoes. These are already the best ones, so if you have decided to go and have a pair for yourself, order now. I am sure you have figured out what type of shoes are suitable for your working needs.